The full view!

Open your eyes wide...

As the seasons go by, along your walks in the country, the different landscapes offer a spectacular panorama, a real sight for sore eyes.

The landscape is like a series of beautiful paintings, constantly renewed as nature changes, picture books open on a page in history - today's page. What you see will remain unforgettable, with you forever!

The hills are natural balconies overlooking the Mediterranean or the hinterland, making it possible to fully appreciate the landscape and the history of the country — an invitation to contemplation, between dream and revelation.

Follow the guide !

The Mont Cabanes, in Graissessac

At the heart of the Orb Mountains, Mount Cabanes dominates the old mining town of Graissessac.

The chapel of Saint-Michel-de-Mourcairol, in Aires

At 468 meters above sea level, the chapel of Saint-Michel stands above the ruins of Mourcairol castle.

The mills in Faugères

Panorama over the Faugérois country from two orientation tables, each with a 360 ° panoramic view.

The Hermitage Saint-Étienne, in Saint-Nazaire-de-Ladarez

The Hermitage Saint-Etienne is a stopover place and dominates the plain of the river Orb, down to the sea.

The Fontjun pass in Saint-Chinian

Between the villages of Cébazan and Saint-Chinian, the Fontjun pass offers a magnificent view over the vineyards of Saint-Chinianais and the Caroux hills.

The Caroux plateau, at Saint-Martin-de-l'Arçon

At 1040 metres altitude, the orientation table describes the panorama of the Orb valley, with the Mediterranean nearby and the Pyrenees in the distance.

The Serre, Oupia

The Serre d'Oupia offers a panoramic view over the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean and the Minervois vineyards.

Collegiate Church of Saint-Etienne, Capestang

A visit to the Collegiate Church affords a view over the étang (lake) de Capestang, the heights of Ensérune, la Clape, Corbières and the Pyrenees.

We invite you to come and meet us at the tourist offices, and will be delighted to show you the way to find other marvellous landscapes in the region.