Along the water

The Canal du Midi and the lake

Contemplate, explore, navigate, canoe, fish.....

In a region with such hot weather, the presence of so much water is a blessing. The rivers Orb, Jaur and Cesse, the Lakes Avene, Ceilhes, Roquozel and Jouarres, the Canal du Midi, water is everywhere, with a different story each time.

Become a fresh water sailor for a day in an electric boat on the Canal du Midi, a sailing boat on Lake Jouarres or fishing quietly on the banks of the Orb. Impossible to get bored!

Cultivate the art of doing nothing at all with a nap at the edge of the water after a picnic...

Lake Jouarres

A natural setting, in a quiet beach and pine forest on the edge of the Canal du Midi in Minervois. On sunny days, lake Jouarres, a body of water covering 200 acres is a most splendid place for relaxing, with a sailing school and a nautical sports club, where enthusiasts of windsurfing and canoeing will be delighted by the facilities. Fishermen will also find a unique place to satisfy their highest hopes.

The beaches of the lake, pebble and grass, are monitored in July and August, and are particularly popular during the summer heat . Lots of water games to entertain young and old alike!

Only two minutes away is the Port-Minervois, the best place to take a boat for a holiday on the Canal du Midi and the starting point for a lazy ride along the water on a traditional barge. If you prefer to stay on dry land, the path around the lake is perfect for walks and bike rides, in summer or in winter.

Canal du Midi


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