Some great plans for breaks and weekends

Offers and stays in the Haut Languedoc et Vignobles tourist destination.

For a weekend or for a few days, let yourself be tempted by a break away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Nature getaway, wine tourism, spa therapy, with family or friends, or even on your own, at your leisure...

A few ideas and suggestions for a stay can be found below - don't hesitate to contact our, Tourist Offices where the staff will be delighted to customise your holiday according to your wishes.


Mountain bike holiday ©William Fautre

Mountain bike holiday © William Fautre

3 days-2 nights

Lovers of thrills and wide-open spaces can take to the saddle for a sporty stay along the 23 signposted routes of our mountain bike maze.

The good life, from the Canal du Midi to Saint-Chinian!

3 days-2 nights

Discover what our villages have to offer on a 3-day trip between Canal du Midi and the vineyards.

Mountain goat ©G.Souche-Payshlv

The crossing of the Haut Languedoc Park.

5, 6 or 7 days

Accompanied by a donkey, cross the Parc du Haut Languedoc in 5, 6 or 7 days, from East to West, as far as the beautiful Gorges of Héric. Our donkeys are the perfect companions for a hike. The park climate, at the meeting of Mediterranean and oceanic influences, between 400 and 1150 meters above sea level, is pleasant even in high summer. Lots of places for a swim or a dip, making a pleasant finish to make the pleasure of this beautiful ride. It is accessible to children walkers from 6 to 7 years.

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Greenway with mountains at la Trivalle ©G.Delerue-Hérault tourisme

Weekend with friends on the greenway​

2 days-1 night (Based on 6 people together)

Take off along the green way of the Haut Languedoc the Passa Païs for a weekend without the car to discover a beautiful variation of landscapes, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates, cycling past forests, mountains, valleys, gorges, and beautiful meadows...

Start at the Héric Gorges bicycle rental company - your luggage is taken care of and off your go. At the end of your stay, a private shuttle will take you back to your starting point.

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