Rocks, climbing walls and schools

Each climber his or her own style....

Famous sons of the region, including mountain guides René Demaison and Lionel Terray, Antoine Guillon, world champion ultra trail and Theo Galy World Top 5 enduro MTB rider.

An alpine story

Explored since the 1910s by climbers, the fame of the Caroux mountains has transcended regional boundaries and our most famous climbers, Armand Charlet, Lionel Terray, Robert Flématti and René Demaison have left their mark on our climbing routes. In the 1930s, the Caroux was a training ground for the first ascent of the Aiguilles de Chamonix.

Numerous climbers famous in the world of mountaineering have worked out the best and most challenging routes, for example Georges Frassinet, a colourful character in the image of the Caroux itself!

Sports sites for all

Other climbing sites are proposed in the Caroux mountains. The cliffs are open to all, not just the élite, and sports sites nearby offer difficulties ranging from 4 to 8. Several well equipped climbing schools await you, such as the Caussanel and Roc Rouge clubs, and many others besides.

A guide book is at your disposal: Escalades dans les massifs du Haut Languedoc (in French).

Get used to moving in three dimensions and overcome your fear of the void with the professionals of the Caroux mountains:

The Caroux, a major adventure climbing site

Climbing must be practised with all the equipment required for mountaineering, but with none of the freezing conditions - here you're in a Mediterranean climate! Hundreds of routes await you to test your kneebars and pinches, as well as your endurance on the longer ones.

The Charbonniers ridge, the Aiguille (needle) de Déplasse and the Aiguille de Viallat are the essential classics of this magnificent site.

To get started, download our guide:  Le Caroux, escalades (in French)