Wine and flavours

Just taste the difference!

If you love a country's cooking, you already love the country! - Giono

Occitania is the wine lovers' destination - "Minervois, Saint-Chinian, Faugères and Haut-Languedoc" bring together a rich and diverse group of AOP and IGP production areas.

Not many wine-producing regions have such a wide diversity of soils, and this is also a region which is particularly proud of its traditions and expertise.

The sweetness of the Mediterranean with all the strength of the mountains!

A natural balcony overlooking the sea, the vineyards are anchored in history and culture, with world famous names evocative of sunny climes:

 "Minervois, Saint-Chinian, Faugères"                  and Haut Languedoc

A unique and delightful vineyard!


Come and share the world of the men and women whose ancestors forged the landscape, and who bring it to life today.

You'll find that the local people are really passionate about their region and all the special skills they've honed over the generations. The y also take great care of the old buildings that bring such a unique character to the countryside and always enjoy showing visitors around. Sincere and friendly, the people of the Languedoc are a delight to meet.