A mediaeval journey

...in the Occitan language

Romanesque art, "Languedoc Gothic," civil and religious architecture, history and heritage...

Prestigious ruins

A priory, an abbey, a Romanesque chapel, remains of a castle on top of a hill, narrow streets along the ramparts, a city gate, a stained glass window, painted ceilings...

Enter the Pays d’Art et d’Histoire (Land of Art and History) and learn about the Middle Ages where the Langue d'Oc can still be heard.

A thousand years of history to discover and touch with your own fingertips...

Mediaeval villages

In the wine-growing plains, numerous villages have the typical mediaeval circular shape - an enigma to unravel! Get your ticket for a journey back in time.

The Pays Haut Languedoc et Vignobles was once a land of noble knights and lords of the castles of Haut Languedoc! The chapel of Cabrerolles, the castle and hamlet of Dio-et-Valquières, the Cathar city of Minerve, the castrum of Mourcayrol in Aires, the castrum of Neyran in Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare and the castrum of Olargues all sit perched on high, looking down on the lands around. To the beauty of landscapes is added the breadth of history - vertigo guaranteed from these high pinnacles of lordly power!