A story of water

White water, calm rivers

Along the rivers Orb, Jaur, Cesse, Thongue, and Lirou

Land and water

Fresh water irrigates the entire region, which sits astride the watershed between the Atlantic and Mediterranean drainage basins.

Limited to the north by the natural boundaries of the Montagne Noire, the Caroux hills and the plateau of Escandorgue, our Pays d'Art et d'Histoire is crossed by two major rivers, the Orb and the Jaur whose sources are located at the eastern and western ends of the territory, forming large basins and narrow valleys which join together before wending their way to the sea.

Numerous brooks and streams cut deeper and deeper into the rocks, winding their way through valleys and forming deep gorges, criss-crossing the wine-growing plain and, along their journey, contributing to the formation of wetlands where a diversified natural heritage flourishes.

Landscapes, leisure and well-being

The name of the river Orb evokes the brilliance of its reflections in the sun; the source of the river Jaur is mysterious and hidden... The river Héric has created some astonishing gorges, the river Cesse plunges into sink holes and resurges playfully along its course... The Libron and the Thongue turn numerous water mills, and finally the Canal du Midi is part of French history and an immensely popular tourist destination in its own right.

Walking and exploring, a picnic or a siesta, there's nothing like the water's edge!

For those who enjoy a bit of pampering, why not try all the benefits of spa therapy at the source of the river Avène at Lamalou-les-Bains.