"Menerbes" in the Occitan language

The Gorges of the rivers Cesse and Brian: a natural protected site and a privileged place to visit. One of the "Grands sites de France"

Dizzying landscapes with clear and striking contours revealed by the Languedoc sun. Natural funnels for the Minervois wind to rush through and stir the vines. An archaeological imprint that connects man with nature and medieval history, where the spirit of the Cathars still resonates. One of the "most beautiful village in France," Minerve always amazes first-time visitors and delights those returning!

Minerve is perched on the side of the gorge between the rivers Cesse and Brian, at the curve of the Causse, where vines and garriqgue heathland extend to the horizon, Minerve is a breathtaking experience and a lovely day out...

Between the Montagne Noire and thet Canal du Midi, Minerve is a prestigious gateway to the Regional Natural Park of the Haut-Languedoc.

The Albigensian crusades:

the site has been inhabited since prehistoric times, but the central historical facts of Minerve revolve around its imposing mediaeval Cathar citadel, built by the Viscounts of Minerve. After the sack of Béziers in July 1209, the siege of Minerve marked a turning point in the war that ravaged the Cathar country.

In 1210, Simon de Montfort, military leader of the crusade against Catharism, considered heresy, besieged the town and flattened it with endless bombardments. The Parfaits (name given to the Cathars) refuse to abjure their faith and were condemned to burned at the stake. There are numerous monuments to remind visitors of this troubled time.

Explore the marvellous natural tunnels and bridges, from the castle tower to the Saint-Rustique well and along the rue des Martyrs. Minerve preserves the traces of a history more than thousand years old in its museum collection.

Come to contemplate the patina of centuries and make sure you try one of the fabulous AOP Minervois wines.