Savour the local produce

The landscape, geological and climatic diversity give a great variety of wine growing environments.

So many flavours and subtleties to discover through our endless culinary specialities, all with those inimitable southern flavours.

Olives, honey, cheese, wine, traditional pastries, vegetables and fruits... quality produce resulting from the authentic know-how of our producers.

A little taste of sun on your plate

At the foot of the mountains, almond and cherry trees dot the valleys of the rivers Orb and Jaur, announcing the delights of spring. The market stalls have a wide range of fruits and vegetables in all seasons, to awaken the taste buds with their colours and scents. There are also many old and forgotten varieties of apples, pears and other fruit and vegetables. Their preservation is important for the maintenance of the regional biodiversity and for different flavours that might otherwise be lost.