The great outdoors

Activities and leisure adapted to all your holidays and breaks

Discover all the riches of our region  with the many leisure activities available for your holidays.

On land, on the water or in the air, on foot, on horseback, by bike or by canoe-kayak, the Pays Haut Languedoc et Vignobles offer some opportunities for discovery and relaxation all year round.

Taking it easy with the family or enjoying sports with friends, get your fill of the holiday spirit!

Absolutely no chance of being bored!

The propositions here are far from exhaustive - please consider these as suggestions. The tourist offices around the region are there to welcome you and advise you on your stay, so don't hesitate to drop in and find out more about your holiday destination...​

Many of these tourism professionals hold the Valeurs Parc naturel régional  badge, a sign of commitment to the preservation of the environment, respect for local inhabitants and supporting the local economy.