On foot

Another great way to recharge your batteries

What's better than your feet to discover all the treasures of our region at your own pace?

Alone or with a guide on the hiking trails, for the day or over several days. Come back relaxed and a head full of memories! The benefits of hiking need no advertising, - enjoy all our signposted trails.

A few hours' walk

Certain hikes, called "Oenorandos" (wine hikes) introduce you more specifically to the places and people in the wine industry.

Si vous souhaitez tout simplement baguenaudez dans les villages et découvrir leurs richesses,  nos itinéraires du patrimoine sont pour vous !

Hiking over several days

For a long weekend or a sporty holiday with friends, the GR de Pays (registered trademark) "Pays Haut Languedoc et vignobles" is the guide for you, full of practical information and attractions to see along your way.

This guide presents 5 routes of between 2 and 4 days length. From the mountains of Espinouse and Caroux, through the winding valleys of the rivers Orb, Jaur and Mare, to the vineyards overlooking the rich Béziers plain, more than 300 km of trails take you everywhere in the Caroux mountains.

To hike safely and prepare your journey, the Tours dans le Pays Haut Languedoc et Vignobles guide will be a great help (in French).

The guidebook also presents the "Chemin de Fontcaude", a variant of the Santiago de Compostella trail that links Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare on the road from Arles to Fontcaude Abbey and the Canal du Midi over a 61 km route.

Guided hikes

Many professional guides are available to accompany you on your holiday. They know how to put together a great route with lots of great things to see along the way!